A professional repainting service is an effective building maintenance to enhance the value of your property. Keeping your building on a regular repainting schedule will keep the surfaces looking clean and bright.

We have been working on repainting projects in a wide variety of industries; such as schools, universities, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, factories, government buildings, high-rise condominium buildings, houses and local businesses.

As experienced painting contractors, we analyse the surfaces and determine the best decorative painting systems to use and apply the best techniques and methods learnt over years of experience and training to ensure the repainting can be completed to the highest of standards, on time on budget.
painting maintenance services
Purpose of Repainting
A well-maintained building can last for many years, and paintwork is one of the core areas to focus on. A regular painting maintenance provides a valuable first barrier of defence for your buildings, safeguards your buildings from environmental damage. In addition, regular repainting also improves your property’s value.
Even if your commercial building is a warehouse or factory, it represents your brand. Repainting on a regular schedule can help protect your business’ image. It is a vital component of representing your brand in a positive light to your customers in addition to enhancing your property’s value.
Repainting Process
A professional paint job makes all the difference. Here is a brief overview of our painting process.
  • To understand the job
    Consult and discuss all proposed painting projects with you and your consultants to understand and determine the scope of the project.
  • Specification Preparation
    • Detail preparation and painting system by substrate.
    • If required, be used as a contract document.
    • Highlight potential problem areas.
    • If appropriate, provide alternative coating systems, allowing a higher performance system to be chosen.
  • Colour Scheme Development
    Our business partners, the paint manufacturers will provide a colour consultancy service resulting in a colour scheme recommendation being presented for your approval.
  • Specifications Review
    A Property Condition Report will be issued for further discussions and actions if the job is a maintenance repainting project. For new construction project – a system specifications and colour review to be held with you and your consultants.
  • Customization
    Together, we could provide the combined core competencies of both a reliable and proven paint manufacturer and paint applicator. Quality paint, professionally applied is key to achieving a long-lasting painting job.
  • QA/QC Site Visits
    Upon successful award of the job, we have technical staff who will visit the project while it is being coated for QA/QC purposes. As a professional painting contractor, we are knowledgeable and proficient in workmanship quality in accordance to QLASSIC & CONQUAS 21 standards.
  • Paint Warranty Confirmation
    Upon completion of the project, our business partner – the paint manufacturer will inspect the property and provide written acceptance any warranty obligations as per their own standard operating procedures.
Awards & Certificates